The Enduring Ethos

Aesthetics. Utility. Eco Friendly materials and processes

At 2e our environmental ethos is not restricted to thinking. It is a way of life. We design, manufacture and deal exclusively in eco friendly products. We price them in such a manner that they are an attractive option.

Eco Friendliness is part of our language. In fact we have our own way to understanding the alphabet...


Awareness  should be created as a first move against the assault on nature. Man is turning his own enemy by slowly surfing out the life enforcing agents of the environment. Air pollution, oil-slicks, soil & forest destruction should be taken as problem.

Bio-degradable materials provide the most practical solution to our glaring problem of environment conservation. By processing the bio-degradable materials we get the benefit of improved soil conditions natural fertilizers and reuse of resources which we are trying hard to preserve.  

Conservation of Environment means the management protection & the use of natural resources wisely. The earth's resources are not unlimited. We have to constantly think of replenishing the required amount of resources by recycling & reusing some of these elements. Only conservation can help maintain life at the standard it was meant to be.

Destruction of trees & forest areas for industrial & commercial projects remain a major problem for our country. Mines, dams, thermal plants & tourism projects are being constantly floated in the name of development.  

Environment is made up of biotic & abiotic environment, in which the mutual association of the two is required for the survival of living things. Abiotic environment includes factors such as soil, water, atmosphere & radiation. Biotic environment includes food, plants, animals & their interaction with each other.  

Forests are the actual resource factories of the world. They provide every kind of raw material required for all types of industries. Aforestation programmes should be carried out to retain this wealth. Climate, rains, soil conservation, ecological balance and even mining resources are all dependent on the survival of forest.  

Governments provide a maze of regulations and policies for environment & pollution control, but more action-based plans have to be taken for launching an evergreen revolution. The problem is definitely a gargantuan one & the government has to approach it with selfless dedication.  

Health Hazards due to pollution, is the nightmare of every city-dweller as well as the rural population. Exposure to toxic elements in the air & unhygienic conditions of water is leading to spread of diseases on an epidemic scale.
Are we waking ourselves to health's facts??  

Industries are considered to be the most notorious sources of environmental pollution. Pollutants released in air & water have disastrous consequences. The use of improved & more scientific manufacturing techniques can help the industrial sector be more Eco-friendly.  

Jute is the foremost natural alternative to man-made & chemically treated harmful products. This natural fiber is bio- degradable, recyclable, economical & durable. It can be easily moulded into any useful item. The wide range of home products, personal items & commercially useful things makes jute the best option for all of us.  

Killing of animals in their natural habitat is a crime alien to killing of human species. Wildlife conservationist should ensure that the most stringent action be taken against the perpetrators of such crimes. Wildlife form part of the wealth of the country & it is our duty to protect & persecute.  

Land that can be utilized for planting of trees should be exploited to the maximum. In order to regenerate wastelands, saplings grown in nurseries & replanted on such lands be a faster & more effective way of creating a greener world.  

Mass Movement for an Eco-friendly society would be more effective if started at an early age children are greatly influenced by teachings on nature & environment. Once they realize the importance of using products that will help present nature, they will definitely  grow up on a healthier plant.

Nature, God's gift to mankind is under threat by all human tollies. But do we realize that by constantly altering nature's balance, we are inviting its fury. Landslides, floods, forest fires & acid rain rising temperatures, increased ocean water levels are some of the natural phenomena in retaliation to harm we are causing to nature.

Ozone, the protective blanket of the atmosphere saves us from the effects solar radiation. With the thinking of this blanket, man is exposed to the dangers of various diseases. Besides this, the most crijping effect is the reduction of crop yields, and a damaged ecosystem on which are dependent people from all walks of life.  

Plastic say 'no' to this product, & you've won half the battle of pollution! It is a known fact that from the production stage to the last, plastic only creates harmful effects.  

Question Time .......... With the spread of information on Eco-friendly products & their use, it is time to introspect as to how each one of us is really contributing towards the same. Are we consciously using nature friendly products? Do we think twice before adding to polluting.  

Recycling is the processing of wastes to recover materials that can be reused. This is a definite way of conserving natural resources. Commonly recycled wastes include aluminium & steel cause, glass containers & paper. Recycled motor oil is also used as industrial fuel oil.  

Sanctuaries & Resorts are being made in the heart of the forests at the cost of destroying the natural habitual of the wild animals. Disturbing the ecology of forests has far reaching effects. Many species of animals already have an endangered existence.

Timber, the most widely exploited resource of forests need protection from mercenary merchants as well as smugglers. Large forests of timber are being demurred with the connivance of forest officials. Conservationists & government deplantments need to take instant action for preserving natural wealth.

United we stand should be the motto in our fight against environmental degradation! Citizens forming groups to solve local problems on pollution, action taken by corporations & pressure on government to mobilize efforts for the same would help us in our goal of marinating a green universe.  

Vegetation requires a healthy environment for its growth. Soil conditions, seed quality & fertilizers are the  most important feature of the growth of vegetation. Harmful pesticides & insecticides are not only damaging to the crops, but add to toxins in the environment.  

Water the elixir of life is slowly turning a bane to life. The disposal of sewage, industrial chemicals & other wastes into water ways is being overlooked. Stringent laws for factories alongside the rivers & sea-coasts should be implemented, to keep water healthy & hygienic.

X-ercising restraint in the use of plastic items would be a first step towards helping in eradicating the menace of plastic. Conscious use of Eco-friendly products would then become a part of our lives

Youth of the country should take it as a personal responsibility in educating as well as practicing all means of conserving nature. By doing this they are helping themselves create a world that can truly termed 'GREEN'.

Zoos could offer to be the best places for conservation of many species that face the fear of extinction in nature. They have to be made into places of information, as well as a place where man feels close to nature. The environment created in a Zoo should stir up an awareness of the treasures of nature waiting to be explored.