Are we committing ECOCIDE?
With every tree destroyed or every inch of forest space massacred or the oceans abused as a garbage bin, we are creating an imbalance in the environment, amounting to its 'Ecocide'. Environmental changes have a direct correlation to our physiological function. Should we sacrifice the environment for our economic growth?
The Utopian "green world" could consciously be made a reality with collective efforts by us all. Only responsibility will evoke awareness.

A little about 2E

Manufactures products that are environment friendly
Uses biodegradable inputs to produce commonly used products
Avoids plastic & other harmful toxic materials
Takes responsibility in educating as well as practicing all means of conserving the environment
Maintains the highest quality standards
Its clients span across the globe with Japan & America being the biggest buyers
Puts up prices that are affordable

Product range

Taking you back to nature are our Eco-sensitive products:
2Ebio Biodegradable cellulose covers for laundry & rooms
Green Leaf Eco ball-pens; Premiere metal pens
Natural jute & cotton bags & products

To bring nature to you, and to take you back to nature, is the mission taken on by 2E. The use of biodegradable materials in the form of jute, cellulose, cotton, recycled paper, eco-plantation wood & dry straw are skillfully transformed into user friendly & earth-friendly products.

2E strong points

Products are of outstanding quality
Easy handling and use
Large & innovative range; products can be customized too
Affordable prices
Experienced & qualified production & shipping facility
Established suppliers to premium hotel groups in USA

Measures towards achieving these goals

is committed to deal with all these issues for creating an environment friendly world. To achieve our goals, all efforts are being made towards:

Saving natural resources
Recycling used products
Innovative utilization of natural & recycled material
Use of non-toxic, non-chemical based raw materials
Supporting government policies to reduce pollution & pollution causing agents

As a manufacturer of eco-friendly products, 2E believes in utilizing the benefits of nature to the maximum. Our commitment lies in the four aspects of conservation – reduce, reuse, recycle & recover.

2E's earth friendly range of products help keep your hotel, your home and our environment free of all health hazards. By keeping Nature's elements intact, the user of the eco-friendly products makes oneself a protector of the planet, gifted to mankind

Make 2E products your preferred choice… your distinction… your lifestyle.

2E range:

Writing Instruments Green Leaf ecoPens, Premiere Metal Pens.

• Biodegradable Laundry products – Suit Covers, Garment Covers, Shirt bags, Laundry delivery &   collection bags, Valet bags, Bin   Liners, Newspaper bags, Chef Caps, Shoe bags etc.

Natural Jute products - Carry bags, Newspaper bags, shopping bags, drawstring bags for shoes,   portfolios and folders.

• Natural Cotton products - Laundry bags with drawstrings for closing, Carry bags, Newspaper bags,   Toiletries bag etc.

Leather-like products - Guest Folders, Room Folders, Bill Covers etc.