Cellulose fabrics are made from regenerated cellulose fibers and they are 70% biodegradable. Cellulose bags from 2E are stitched with cotton threads and colored with non-toxic dyes. Products that are specific to your hotel's requirement can also be developed.

The following is our offer, each of which plays its part to ultimately contribute to a top class product :-

The fabric in use is formed from Regenerated Cellulosic Fibres. This fabric is 70% biodegradable in nature, and commonly finds application in the Pharmaceutical industry (as Face Masks, Baby Diapers, etc.), as interior linings in Cars(Automobile industry), in the Garments sector, etc.
2. Stitching is machine-performed to give a smooth finish.
3. Even and appealing printing is performed and offered on all products.
4. To maintain the earth-friendly aspect in toto, cotton threads and non-toxic colours are used.

Our main aim is to offer products that find application in areas where plastic is in current use. In doing so, few of the polymer qualities(strength and waterproof aspects) may have to be compromised with. We accede to the minor shortfalls (as stated above) that exist in our products for offer, but it remains our firm belief that an acceptance of such shortcomings and a little more understanding and awareness while usage is a far better compromise that will so prevail only initially, but in permanence will be a 'plastic-free' solution in our attempt and desire for a more environment-friendly earth.