Eco-BALL PEN - Green Leaf

Made from recycled materials

This is our attempt to provide a cost-effective eco-friendly solution to a product, which finds regular usage in every walk of our lives. Recycled paper and reprocessed plastic are the inputs whereby a significant portion of the material utilized is non-plastic. The plastic used in the refill is also made from recycled material

Inputs: -

  1. Brown Paper as barrel - Forms as the major portion of the Green Leaf eco-Pen, recycled in nature and free from any Chlorine usage in the manufacturing stage.

  2. Plastic as head & base - Made from reprocessed ABS (a thermoplastic material which can be recycled and/or remoulded); widely used in various areas.

  3. Plastic case as refill - Made from recycled Polypropylene - a recyclable and commonly used polymer.

Options: -

  1. Green Leaf eco-Pens are available in Burgundy, Blue, Black & Green colours of the reprocessed plastic component.

  2. Printing on the paper barrel using non-toxic ink is offered. Logos and/or messages can be printed in the colour of choice. Price inclusive of single colour printing. Please add US 0.01 cent to price/no. for every additional colour.

  3. Standard refill inks are Blue and Black. Jotter refills with metal case cost US 0.06 cents extra per no.

PRICE/no. (USDollar)

GL1 – mechanism

GL2 – slim

Paper Box


(cap fit)

(1 to 3 pens)

05,000 - 10,000 nos.




11,000 - 25,000 nos.




26,000 nos. & above




  1. Prices are ex-Mumbai (Bombay - INDIA) and in USDollar.

  2. Delivery period is within 3 to 4 weeks on receipt of Purchase Order.

  3. Standard packing is 100 nos. to an inner cardboard box, 2000 or 1000 nos. to a master carton. Green Leaf eco-Pens can also be packed in recycled paper boxes, duly printed, either individually or in a SET form, to hold 2 to 3 nos. - prices as above.

  4. Payment terms are by Irrevocable and Confirmed Letter of Credit payable upon receipt of documents at Bank counters.

  5. Carton dimensions:
Size in Inches
Gross Weight

500 pcs.

16 x 08 x 07

04 Kilograms

1,000 pcs.

16 x 12 x 08

08 Kilograms

2,000 pcs.

22 x 16 x 08

14 Kilograms


2E Pens